Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Here there are Monsters by Amelinda Bérubé

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2 Stars

“How many times do you have to rescue somebody before they figure out how to save themselves?”
I should have paid more attention to my friends’ ratings on this one, but there are only so many covers that allow you to pull dead shit off your walls for a photo moment . . . . .

100% honesty here – that cover is the only redeeming quality this book has. The rest?????

The story is about Skye, an average 16-year old who was looking forward to a fresh start in a new town and out from under the stigma of having a “weird” sister. But when said sister Deirdre goes missing, it might be up to Skye to once again save her.

Kudos to the author for being willing to write such realistic, self-absorbed teenagers, but if I wanted to spend time with one of those I’d just go upstairs to one of my own kids’ bedrooms. Seriously, my reaction to every insufferable bit of these character’s interactions and internal dialogue was . . . .

Kudos also to the various possibilities regarding the goings on. It could have been an accidental shooting, it could have been a drowning, it could have been a random child killer, it could have been supernatural . . . . .

I’m not so sure Here There Are Monsters was Imaginary Girls like the blurb said (but I will be checking it out because my friends actually liked that one) and it definitely wasn’t The Blair Witch Project (what time machine did the powers that be get on in an attempt to make that reference relevant again????). Unfortunately it was just kind of terrible and the second time the following plotline failed me this week . . . . .

This book was so boooooooooooooooooooring and the big “secrets” and reveals were obvious and not at all shocking. Also, who the heck breaks a book into separate parts named after main characters that then has NOTHING to do with those characters??? Sky remained the narrator throughout and the focus was pretty much always Skye and her awfulness.

So why 2 Stars instead of 1? Well, at this point it takes quite a bit for me to 1 Star something – and since I’m not even close to being the target demographic for this one it gets an extra. And that cover deserves a star all on its own.

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