Monday, November 4, 2019

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

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2 Stars

I’m going to be 100% honest here and state that I continuously pick up books that have the potential of presenting the “Eleanor Oliphant” factor. In case you aren’t familiar, these are stories that feature a quirky-to-spectrum type of main character as she navigates the world with all of her friends and family telling her . . . . .

I don’t expect (or even desire) some humdinger of a plot twist in all of them like Eleanor provided – I just enjoy the nearly guaranteed character growth of the leading lady (or man) combined with the eventual understanding by the supporting cast that it’s okay to be different and all of the good feelings that go along with it. Unfortunately when it came to Convenience Store Woman my reaction was a bit different . . . . .

Not only was Keiko obviously more than just a bit quirky, she was so far on the spectrum that the only way she managed to maneuver through life was by having a very structured routine and using the Eric Trump method of “how to act like a person” form of mimicry in any social situation . . . . .

The fact that no one (especially her family) recognized Keiko’s differences and instead not only berated her for only being a part-time clerk with no husband or children, but did so to the point where Keiko found herself in a completely dysfunctional co-habitation situation because that’s what she thought she was supposed to do made me feel super gross while I was reading it. Maybe there was some sort of dark form of humor that just got lost in translation (possibly quite literally) for me????

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