Friday, January 27, 2017

The Wing Man by Natasha Anders

4 Stars

Dearest Val, my eternal gratitude for your inability to read “reel” books. If it weren’t for you I would have never discovered this little gem.

The story here is about a trio of sisters with the most ridiculous names ever. Dahlia, Daffodil and Daisy. Thank the good lort this one was about the least puke-inducing member of the family, Daisy. Daisy has always been known as the “other sister.” Y’all know what that means, right?????

While Dahlia and Daff are both built like models with perfect long straight hair, Daisy is short and curvy. Which means she’s always felt like the wallflower, but in reality she’s pretty much this girl . . . .

(I don’t know that I love anyone more than I love Emilia Clarke in Me Before You so that’s about the highest compliment I can pay to a leading lady.)

Daisy is trying her best to disappear into the wall while attending her sister’s Hen Night when she is approached by one of the Carlisle brothers. Jaw-droppingly handsome with a résumé including a stint in the Army, some time as a model and co-owner of a security business, Mason is not the type of guy who would generally pay attention to Daisy. After a couple of drinks and some time getting to know each other, Daisy finds out Mason wasn’t interested – he was sent over as a distraction so his brother could try and get in Daisy’s sister Daff’s panties. In layman’s terms, he was acting as wingman . . . .

When Daisy overhears a conversation between the two brothers disclosing the truth, she turns tables and convinces Mason to act as her wingman – a/k/a be her “date” to her sister Dahlia’s wedding.

Okay, so not only do we have a D.U.F.F. situation (Erica, it’s THE DUFF!!! Your favorite!), but now we have an additional trope of a “pretend relationship” . . . . .

It probably goes without saying that I loved nearly every second of this one. Not only was Daisy hilarious (luckily not at all in a manic pixie dream girl sort of way), but Mason was all ex-military with cropped hair and tattoos so casting him in my brain worked out wonderfully as well . . . . .

There was NO instalove (in fact, quite the opposite) and despite a hardcore case of blue balls setting in before these two finally took their road trip to Pound Town, when they did it was good . . . . .


4 Stars rather than 5 because the pacing wasn’t quite spot on so it probably should have been a bit shorter, there was an extra twist at the end that made Mason recognize his twue wuv that I thought was totally unnecessary (even though the set up that it was coming was presented pretty much through the entire book), and Mason talked about more unreconciled boners than a 14 year old. How much wood could Mason's woodchuck chuck????

Still HIGHLY recommended however, and this is currently a Read Now selection on NetGalley so go get you some.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!


  1. I do not even read porn, but I read this review, and now here we are. Loved this. I don't now whether to thank you or to blame you for the giant door to the porn catacombs that you opened before me.

    1. Ha! It's a slippery slope. Be careful once you go down the rabbit hole ; )

  2. You're hilarious. 99% of the time I haven't even read the book but come to your blog just to read your reviews.