Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Serena by Ron Rash

4 Stars

“You men notice so little. Physical strength is your gender’s sole advantage.”
Allow me to introduce you to Serena . . . . .

Aint’ she sweet?

Serena has moved to North Carolina to start a new life with her husband, the owner of a timber company . . . .

(Don’t worry – this ain’t a kissing book.) Upon arrival, Serena proves she’s not your average Depression era rich bitch lady of leisure. She wears pants, lives in camp with the axemen, rides a white stallion, and has a pet eagle that she teaches cool tricks . . . .

She’s also just a little . . . . .

Okay, maybe not a little. Serena pretty much embraces the idea of being a badass every day and she doesn’t care what or who she has to destroy in order to get what she feels should be hers. She’s a character you’re probably supposed to hate, but somehow you can’t help loving instead. Easily one of most wicked women I’ve ever read and I wouldn’t even have known about her if it weren’t for my favorite little witch recommending this to me for the Winter Reading Challenge. If you want something gritty and a lil’ chickenfried with shady business dealings, an illegitimate baby, and a handful of murders thrown in for good measure, this is the story for you.

Book two in my quest for a new coffee mug complete!

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