Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pasadena by Sherri L. Smith

4 Stars

I can’t even believe I’m about to admit this, but Goodreads gets the credit for me requesting Pasadena from the library. This was one of the “recommended to you” pop-ups that clog rarely show up on my feed and . . . . dat cover. The synopsis didn’t sound too shabby either.

After a superbadawful Jude decides to check out of the Hotel California and visit her father across the country. She barely touches down on the East Coast when she is given some horrible news – her best friend Maggie was found dead in a swimming pool . . . . .

Jude hightails it back to LaLa Land and begins questioning this so-called suicide. Yes, Maggie had threatened to kill herself before, but it was all for the drama of it – not because she was actually suicidal. And to be found with a bellyful of drugs? That’s definitely not Maggie’s style so Jude decides to take it upon herself to find out exactly what happened the night before Maggie’s body was discovered.

Like I said, I got this from the library. When I picked it up and discovered it had a blurb by E. Lokhart of We Were Liars fame, I was a little terrified. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t want to kill this one with fire. Maybe it was that I enjoyed the writing style more and though it to be a YA version of Megan Abbott, or that I wasn’t really that worried about the “whodunit” but instead just went with the flow of the story in general, or maybe it was because of Jude . . . .

Unfortunately I read a physical copy of this at my kid’s baseball game and couldn’t find my post-its so you’ll just have to trust me when I say she was a real snarky asshole and I couldn’t get enough of her – or go read Bonnie’s review since she knows how to use her words better than I do.

Whatever the case, I ended up finding Pasadena to be . . . .

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