Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blister by Jeff Strand

3.5 Stars

“I try to be sunshiny, but the whole ‘grotesque monster’ part gets in the way.” 

After a run-in with some horribly raised heathens, cartoonist Jason Tray is told by his agent to do his best What About Bob? impersonation and take a vacation from his problems. Sent to a cabin on a picturesque lake, Jason does what any man in his right mind would do – goes to the local watering hole and gets loaded with the locals. After getting thoroughly soused, the locals decide it’s a great time to take Jason to a shed inhabited by someone known as “Blister” . . . . .

Upon seeing said resident, Jason reacts a bit like so . . . .

The next day Jason wakes up feeling remorse (along with a fairly severe case of brown bottle flu) and decides he needs to go to Blister’s house in order to grab her in the . . . - j/k – he wants to apologize. And that is where the fun begins.

Jeff Strand is an author who has been on my radar pretty much since I joined Goodreads. I’ve had a failed experience with one of his shorts, my kid and I both had success with one of his middle-grade stories (and if you know my kid you’ll know it’s an effin’ struggle to get him to read every night), and he wrote one of my favorite books ever. I wanted Blister as soon as I saw the shushing-gauzed-face cover. Alas, I am poor because children will suck every damn penny from you so I put a shout-out if anyone had a lendable of this I had dibs. Which led to Copy Dan seeing Original Dan reading it and doing my begging for me. And that is why I love this place. Bitch all you want about the “upgrades,” but I’ve met some mighty fine people here. Oh, and in case you don’t know me, let me fill you in on a little secret . . . .

So it’s a farkin’ miracle I’ve somehow managed to find not only miserly curmudgeons like myself, but also super generous peeps like the Dans mentioned above. Well, one of the Dans is a curmudgeon as well, but that’s just the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks again to both of you fellas for hooking me up with such a ridiculous little tale. It brought me quite the happy . . . .

Copy provided by the only best Dans I know!

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