Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

2 Stars
 I straight up chucked this book to the side waaaaaaay back in August for daring to mention the two words in the English language I hate the most . . . PUMPKIN SPICE. Seriously people, enough is enough . . .

I mean really, a combo of nutmeg and cinnamon is what will destroy this world. Have you ever watched a cinnamon challenge? A tablespoon of the stuff is enough to murder you. Anyway, now that the season which shall not again be named has passed, I’ve moved on to better things - specifically, peppermint mocha . . .

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and I started this book over.

I believe my friend Mauoijenn summed it up best in her review. At the end of the day this was just another whodunit. Up to the 50% mark things were fairly awesome. There were multiple storylines/points of view, a girl missing in the present/a girl missing in the past, a dead husband, a little . . . .

I was flipping pages as fast as my fat little fingers would move and thinking FINALLY a thriller that’s really keeping me on the edge of my seat. But then I realized there were still 200 more pages to go and the story could (should) probably be wrapped up in 50 or 75. And then????? Everything went right in the toilet. Here’s the problem with “mysteries” like this (told via giffery):

To begin with . . .

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Sad but true. Who in their right mind discovers some superbadawful and decides they’re going to Jessica Fletcher the f*&^ out of it?????

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That’s right, Jessica. Nobody.

But, let’s play devil’s advocate and say they do. Can they not be so f-ing stupid in the process?????

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Really. No one wants to read a “thriller” that plays out like a B-Horror movie . . .

Especially when everything culminates in this moment . . .

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and instead of doing what should be done in that situation . . .

You morph from someone who is supposed to really know how to handle a crisis because of [REASONS] into nothing but a dumb bimbo . . . .

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(You’re welcome, Lono)

Bottom line is this was alright for a rainy day, but it had sooooooo much more potential than was actually delivered.

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Thank you, NetGalley!

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