Monday, November 30, 2015

Husk by J. Kent Messum

4 Stars

“There is a vast difference between those that seek to live forever, and those who are simply too scared to die.” 

In the future death isn’t necessarily the end. Well, at least it isn’t for the top one percent of the one percenters . . . . 

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For those with champagne wishes and caviar dreams, there is a form of life after death . . . . 

Which leads us to the introduction of our leading man, Rhodes . . . . 

Rhodes is a “husk” – a member of the Version 2.0 model of the world’s oldest profession. Rhodes offers his body up for 24, 48 or 72 hour periods in a new and improved type of Matrix. During the rental, Rhodes is placed in limbo of sorts while his clients use his body for not only sex, but also nearly whatever else they may have in mind . . . .

The only rule? Don’t bruise the merchandise.

In a world where meat is created in a lab, mass amounts of people are engaged in “Occupy Central Park,” and it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on coveted pop culture items . . . . 

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Rhodes is living the good life. That is, until he starts noticing a strange clicking sound and begins experiencing horrifying flashes of things that may have happened while he was husking.

If asked my opinion of Sci-Fi thrillers, I would have to say they don’t rank real high on my list of “must reads.” Probably a pretty good thing I never bother reading a synopsis, huh? Nope, Huskwas added to my TBR because I fell hard for Mr. Messum after experiencing a delicious lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ called Bait one Shark Week. While thrilled I had discovered a new author for me, I was bummed to discover he was a new author in general. When I heard Messum had another book coming out, I was on that sucker like track marks on a husk. I’m thrilled to say I was not disappointed. Talk about a real page turner. And that ending?????

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Since I’m bound to be labeled a shill for the author due to the freebie status referred to below, here’s the one thing that irked me about this book. It took place in NYC and there was no reference to any of the characters being anything but ‘Murican. However, “Queen’s English” was used (i.e., kerb instead of curb, neighbhourhood, favour, etc.). A minor complaint, but one that did occasionally get my tiny pea-brain sidetracked about whether I had missed reference to the MC being from across the pond (that’s from Canada, in Ron 2.0 speak).

Endless thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book.


First, this happened . . . 

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Then THIS happened . . . 

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And now something kinda like this is happening . . . .

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