Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

1 Star
Yep, I one-starred this sucker. Here’s what I need all you fangirls to do while I explain . . .

I really dug The Opportunist and made the rare exception of placing Book #2 on my TBR because the storyline peaked my curiosity. I admittedly HATE books in a series and rarely read past the first. The reason? Because there is always SO. MUCH. FILLER. There’s hardly ever enough material to produce three (or more) books – especially in the romance/NA/erotica/whateveryouwanttocallthem genres. Buuuuuuuuut, when a book fairy gifts you a book in order for you to take the hit so she doesn’t have to, there’s kinda no choice but to read Book #2. Guess what I found????

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The Opportunist worked for me because #1 it was different (even with the tired trope of accident induced amnesia), #2 Olivia was an unlikable character, but you weren’t supposed to like her (at best she would end up as the lesser of two evils), and #3 Tarryn Fisher is bad at romance in the best way possible. I too am bad at romance, and that is why I want to spend hours braiding her raven locks love reading her stories. Sadly, Dirty Red was the book of filler/throw everything at the wall and see what might stick. There was the re-hashing of The Opportunist’s story, there were “twists,” there was the “character development” (I use that term in the loosest manner possible) of Big Red herself . . .

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However, this book wasn’t necessary at all. Big Red was soooooo one dimensional that it became pretty clear even the author wasn’t that interested in her story. And Caleb? Nothing like getting to know someone deeper than surface level only to discover you want to smack that bitch . . .

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All that being said, I’m still gonna read #3. Because Tarryn Fisher has me caught up like a fish on a damn hook and I just have to find out where all this ends up . . .

“Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

And speaking of fish – looky looky . . .

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This is Billy Bass, a/k/a the only guy in my house that might be able to drink me under the table. Many thanks to my fellow connoisseur of fine brews JaHy for this book hookup. Your selection ended up being the perfect excuse for imbibing in a couple of grown-up root beers.

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