Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

2 Stars

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I was really hoping I’d like this one more. I mean, Mindy and I have quite a bit in common and I thought we could possibly be kindred spirits. We both enjoy testing out new inventions . . .

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(Who says you can’t take alcohol in to youth sporting events? Amateurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Speaking of alcohol, we both abide by the policy that alcohol “when obtained, need[s] to be ingested quickly in case someone trie[s] to take it away. You know, the way a raccoon eats from a garbage can” . . . .

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We both think the best day at work is a day when someone is having a birthday and there is free cake to be scored . . .

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We agree that being a feminist simply means “that men and women are created equal.” It doesn’t mean anyone with a penis is the enemy (just those named Jeff and Ron 2.0).

We both believe that the only way to truly get something in life is to earn it. (Thank Jeebus for the story about her mother and her thoughts on “participation trophies” – GO MINDY’S MOM!)

We both have body issues, but have learned to say F*&^ IT! and order a Big Mac sometimes anyway . . .

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But then I learned that she doesn’t watch reality television . . .

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I know, right? Blasphemous. In fact, her lack of knowledge about nearly everything pop culture related kind of boggled my mind. I get that she works like 18 hour days, but you’d think if you have become famous by writing adorkable 20/30-somethings you would at least know the character names of “that guy from Magic Mike, who also played a hot werewolf and was supposed to have a huge wang” . . . . .

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Mmmmmmm, huge wang. Where was I? Oh yeah – Mindy’s lack of pop culture knowledge. It’s almost like she’s Anne a Martian!

She also admitted she dreams of being best buds with Goop, which just makes me want to . . . .

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And followed that up with yet another reference to Caddyshack NOT being funny, which had me scared she was a closeted “offended by errrrything” type of B-Lister (seriously, check your vagina at the door if that’s what it takes because Caddyshack is a motherf’ing classic). However, later she told a story about offending an anti-vaxxing popstar and redeemed herself a wee little bit.

It didn’t last long, though, when she talked about Seth Rogan being a good kisser . . .

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Just no. But once again she had a redemption arc by admitting that everyone in Hollywood lies about the fact that doing a sex scene is “uncomfortable” and “just another part of the job.” Nope, Mindy freely owns that “sex scenes are the tits.” Hehehehehe.

Bottom line is, for a book written by a comedian, this wasn’t full of hardy hars. There was a little too much talking about how she’s always been the funniest person in the room (while not being particularly funny in her anecdotes) and continual name-dropping of various meet/cutes with the President (I could elaborate, but I’ve already met my quota on offending dozens of GR members this month) for me to fully get on board. However, if you (or a young female in your life) are looking for some good advice regarding owning who you are, Mindy surprisingly had some quality stuff to offer:

“Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn’t always mean you parents. If you do that, you will be fine.”

And also:

“No food is as delicious as food you eat standing a foot away from a trash can. Ask any possum.”

That’s right, Mindy. I may no longer find you relatable as I did in Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me , but we’ll always have . . . .

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After reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me , I fell fast and hard for Mindy Kaling. However, by Season 3 of The Mindy Project I was more like this . . .

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and her television program no longer made the cut for my DVR schedule.

Can she write a good second book? Or has she become an insufferable asshole? Those questions and more will be answered this Fall.

<i>ARC provided by Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review.</i>

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