Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

4 Stars

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“My name is Jerry Renault and I’m not going to sell the chocolates.”

The Chocolate War is probably one of those books that ends up getting a low rating since it gets crammed down the throats of high school kids in their literature classes. As the mother of a child who is currently being forced to read “a book about girls who do nothing but talk about cute guys” (Spoiler Alert: Marie Antoinette Serial Killer), I WISH his required reading was something this good. That’s probably why it’s on the Top Banned Books list, right? Can’t have those tiny minds actually used for thinking . . .

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The Chocolate War is a story about life at an all boys high school. It deals with conforming and not conforming and hazing and trying to fit in and attempting to stand out and sticking it to the man and most of all teaches the lesson . . . .

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The cast of characters runs the spectrum from the bully to the bullied, from nerds to the jocks, Freshmen to Seniors, and most importantly, the one who decided to ask himself . . . .

“Do I dare disturb the universe? Yes, I do. I do. I think.”

Highly recommend to middle-grade and up.

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