Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

3.5 Stars

This weekend I discovered a little summin’ summin’ . . . .

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Which forever after shall be dubbed “Snake Juice” in my house. When I woke up I realized . . . .

Chicago commercial photographers

Well, actually they were butts, but they were still really unsafe for work and would probably get me banned if I used them in my “review” (FYI – there are lots of sexytimes butt pictures of Joe Manganiello on the Tumblr. LOTS.) so I had to settle for gifs like this . . .

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So anyway, enough of my drunken gif hunting – let’s get to the book. This was a wolfy porno . . . errrr, excuse me – a “paranormal romance.” Wouldn’t want to be accused of being not politically correct on the ol’ Goodreads. I chose to read this one for scientific purposes. There is totally a full moon coming up plus Halloween and I have to make sure I’m prepared for any werewolves who come creeping out of the woods behind my house . . .

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How’d that get there???? Fat fingers or something must be to blame. What I meant was get prepared with silver bullets . . .

Chicago commercial photographers

Close enough.

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf begins with our female lead Mo making a break from her extremely over-involved parents at nearly 30 years old. With a little money saved she decides to head as far away as possible without changing continents and winds up in Grundy, Alaska. It’s there Mo begins to find herself, make new friends, begin a new career . . . and help the naked fella who winds up on her front porch with a bear trap around his ankle?????

Turns out Cooper, the local yokel who has been the least receptive of Mo, also happens to be a werewolf . . .

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(Sidenote: What other man could possibly look sexy while holding a roll of asswipe??? I mean really.)

There’s one more thing about him too . . .

“Well, that cinched it. He was an asshole. I was definitely going to end up sleeping with him.”

Hehehehe. OF COURSE SHE IS! That’s the only reason gals like me even read this stuff. There was also some mystery involved (because there is always some sort of mystery involved in these books) about missing hikers getting killed by wolves and Cooper thinking he might be the big bad wolf and yada yada yada, but really it was all about the smex – which there wasn’t a lot of but what there was made me wanna Channing all over my Tatum . . . .

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I’m giving this 3.5 Stars. Probably because I’m an asshole. If it’s on your TBR – read it. My 3.5 is the equivalent of 17.5 for any normal human. For me the story was just a bit too familiar, the mystery was solvable immediately, and it ran a touch too long. I was also hoping for something . . . more with regard to Mo’s parents and her weird “one with nature” upbringing and was a bit disappointed that it didn’t deliver . . . but maybe it does in the next book???? Who knows?

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf ended up on my TBR due to Casey's recommendation. Do you know Casey? She’s just about the most adorable person I’ve ever seen and she’s also a filthy, filthy pervert. Best of both worlds right there : )

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