Monday, March 30, 2020

Quick and Easy 5-Ingredient Cookbook by Eileen Kelly

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1.5 Stars

I know many people find it difficult to get a not-so-positive review to a book they received for free, but I am not one of those people. Especially when it comes to something like cookbooks that come with such a heavy price point. I am all for anything with the tagline “Easy” or “5 Ingredients” or “30 Minutes” and on and on, but I also think if people are going to purchase a cookbook rather than simply Googling recipes, it should be one they plan on falling back on time and again. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t that cookbook. From teaching how to make things that are easily purchased in stores (maple flavored breakfast sausage) to recipes that simply aren’t great (chocolate chip cookies made more like a Hello Dolly with sweetened condensed milk but missing the delicious coconut) to meals your family is sure to complain about (plain chicken breast thrown in a 425 degree oven), this simply didn’t have many appetizing selections . . . . .

Not to mention someone who needs help figuring out how to turn leftover taco meat into nachos probably isn’t going to have devices like immersion blenders or spiralizers in their cupboard.

No food pic because I didn’t want to make anything from this. Here’s my “quarantine station” instead . . . .

Copy received from Callisto Publisher’s Club in exchange for an honest review.

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