Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Healthy Family Cookbook by Brittany Poulson

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5 Stars

Yesterday I did something I rarely ever do and called in sick to work. At first, I was hopeful I had finally achieved my goal . . . .

But it turns out it is either sinus or inner-ear driven and not something I can spread around the office to all of my unsuspecting co-workers. It did, however, make me super pukey, effed my balance up pretty efficiently and made it nearly impossible for me to read during my eight hours of freedom. I know what you’re thinking . . . .

Samesies. I also had already blown through all of my various Househos on the DVR so I commenced with a marathon of Love It Or List It and dug out a stack of freebie cookbooks I’ve been acquiring for the past couple of months and failing to ever peruse or review.

Let’s start with the title of this one. Oh Lord, there would be so many complaints. Trust me . . . .

A more appropriate name for this might be the “Comfort Food Family Cookbook” because it had every single thing I want to eat when I need to turn my frown upside down and while I agree this was pretty comprehensive when it comes to nutritional value and did offer some alternatives when possible, zero effs were given when it came to only providing recipes free of gluten/carbs/dairy/meat/everything else that I find delicious.

I am a total cookbook hoarder (complete with one of those rolling carts everyone was buying a while ago located in a prominent position in my kitchen) and I’m giving this 5 Stars because I will use it over and over again. I love the idea of recipes for everything from Sunday pot roast to beef and broccoli all being conveniently located in one book.

And to prove that I’m not just a hoarder, but actually a real June Cleaver who also cooks dinner for the fam the majority of the time, here was last night’s selection:

Copy provided by Callisto Publisher’s Club in exchange for an honest review.

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