Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Blackwood by Michael Farris Smith

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3 Stars

In theory Blackwood should have been a slam dunk for me. I mean the damn thing starts with a kid walking in on his dad attempting to hang himself. Now if that ain’t bleak, I don’t know what is and y’all know I love bleak. Add in some questionable drifters and a small Southern town with a creepy vibe and this sucker should have been everything I was looking for. So what went wrong???? At first I thought . . . . .

Because this is the third Michael Farris Smith book I have attempted that I just couldn’t seem to connect with on a deeper level. Please note 3 Stars is a dang fine rating for someone as judgey as myself, and I will absolutely continue reading him because there’s nothing at all wrong with his storytelling. Not to mention the fact that I blew through this sucker in a few hours since he’s also not an author who wastes time with a bunch of filler. I simply can’t help but compare Farris Smith to other grit lit authors who blow my socks off time after time in order to give him more stars. Bottom line? I think my experience can once again be chalked up to the quote one of my trolls made infamous. Now . . . . .

ARC provided by Little Brown in exchange for an honest review.

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