Thursday, August 9, 2018

Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins

3 Stars

“We live in a skinny world.”

“Really? Because I live in America, and we are NOT a skinny nation, hon.”

I know this was an ARC and I’m not supposed to quote it, but put two tears in a bucket and motherfuckit because that up there is G.O.L.D.

I have to admit that the ONLY reason I wanted to read this was due to the controversy. Please note I didn’t bother looking at the actual “oh this is so offensive and fat shamey” rant until AFTER I finished reading.

Now that I’m done what do I have to stay about the book? Well, let’s address the good and then we’ll get to the notsogood:

First, perfect title is perfect because whether it’s actually said out loud or simply thought in a “shaming” thought bubble – “Good Luck With That” is often the reaction people who continually say they’re going to change something about themselves – but never end up actually being able to (or being happy about) – receive. Be it losing 100 pounds or quitting smoking or chopping their long hair into a pixie cut because “it’ll be super cute now that it’s a different color” (<<<< can you figure out which one is me????) Anyway, right or wrong it sometimes happens.

Second, these friendships. We’re talking #lifegoals here people. These women were UNCONDITIONALLY supportive of each other. There was no “Oh Lord girl, you are TOO FAT now and don’t tell me it’s not because you eat two large pizzas every night” or “you’re going to get a divorce? You KNOW no one else is going to love your fucked up self” or “Really? A chef? You seriously think people are going to want to get a ‘healthy’ dinner delivered from a fat girl?” THAT is shaming and there was none of it.

Third, the list . . . .

(Please note this list is something that was written by a child, but seriously I never realized how monumental tucking in a fucking shirt could be until I got fat.)

Fourth, Kristan Higgins pretty much just GETS. IT. I’m not going to get banned from freebies forever by posting highlighted segments, but she gets it.

Okay, so what didn’t I like?

Well to begin with: If you’re not a fan of Chick Lit stay far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away because this thing is so chicky it might as well have come with a free lifetime supply of tampons.

It also felt like it was about 47,000 pages long. It could definitely stand to take a turn on the chopping block.

Next, all three of these women needed massive amounts of therapy stat. The one who dies (not a spoiler, the whole story only happens because she dies like instantly) is the only one who actually acknowledged not only her unhealthy relationship with food but the reason behind it. The two survivors? Both had mommy/daddy/sibling issues and needed professional help since they were mid-30s and still crippled emotionally by their families.

Which leads to the WHY??????? If anyone wants to clutch their pearls and get offended, THIS is what should offend them. Why couldn’t at least one of them JUST. BE. FAT. Again, Emerson (the one who dies) eventually tells her reason and it’s one that makes sense. But seriously I’m like 99.99999% sure Marley would have never been “skinny” due to genetics because she was presented as someone who worked out and ate healthy and etc., etc., etc. so WHY ADD ON THAT TWIN BULLSHIT?!?!?!?! And if I really want to go ahead and re-write this author’s (perfectly fine) story for her, I kinda wish Georgia would have been presented as someone who was always not truly “fat” (more like a “plus size” 12-14 because her mom actually WAS a fat-shaming asshole) who ended up with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder because of it. However, that’s not how it was and they were all fucked up due to their families and apparently fat people can’t just be fat without superbadawfuls so like I said get pissed if you want because that was sort of grating.

Then, every single man in the thing was either an uggo (excluding potentially the brother’s husband, but he wasn’t in it enough for me to confirm that thought) or so jacked up that THEY needed therapy too.

Finally, wanting to change other people. Broken people SHOULD NOT be throwing stones from inside their glass houses FFS. Georgia with the nephew and Marley with Will. Annoying and unfortunately the moment never came when either woman was told to STFU and fix herself first before trying to fix someone else.

And again, super chick litty. But the message wasn’t meant to be a negative one so here’s to never being disappointed with what you see in the mirror : )

Now to address what started this whole mess . . . . .

Sit the fuck down. To other readers: PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE be careful what bandwagon you jump on. People who get offended by something THEY HAVEN’T EVEN READ (and no, reading/skimming 1/3 of a book is NOT reading the book) are probably not well-informed when it comes to what was supposedly so offensive. And like 99.99999% of the time someone is “triggered” by some bullshit I instantly channel my inner Inigo Montoya because they keep using words that don’t mean what they think they do. Also, authors who get ranty about other authors aren’t necessarily looking out for anything but their own best interest. Half the time (and that’s being kind) they could give a shit about feminism or fat people or spreading some good word about love and light. Instead they bash a book only to follow said bashing in short order with an announcement that THEY have written something about the same topic and EVERYONE (*cough their mom, grandma and aunts cough*) says it’s sure to be a hit. The majority of the rest of the time THEY ARE STILL SIMPLY CAUSING AN UPROAR IN AN ATTEMPT TO GARNER ATTENTION FOR THEMSELVES/SELL THEIR OWN (*cough probably self-pubbed cough*) BOOKS. Bottom line, be leery of the person crying BBA if there’s a chance that THEY may actually be one.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you, NetGalley!

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