Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter

3 Stars

You want to know what happens when you’re a person of a certain age who started this book about two girls who reside in separate mobile home communities right around the same time Mr. Slim Shady got folks woke with a one-man rap battle against our POS . . . whoops, I mean POTS? You fold laundry and do dishes and cook dinner and copy and collate and draft and format and file for days on end whilst singing . . . .

(By the way, I learned how to add text to .gifs so now the entire interwebs are my oyster)

In what may be the most fitting title in the history of titles, Ugly Girls is about exactly what it says - U.G.L.Y. white trash. Now before anyone gets all up-in-arms about me libeling these poor innocents, allow this househo to explain the term . . . .

It has nothing to do with residing in single or doublewides. I’m from Middle America – I know plenty of people who live or have lived in a trailer. No, Perry and Baby Girl (Dana before she decided to redefine herself and thug out) are morally bankrupt. They spend their free time jacking cars for joyrides before dumping them in the wee hours of the morn. Their friendship is one formed out of convenience rather than an actual liking of the other. And their most recent hobby????

While the book spends time detailing not only each girl, but also their home lives, everything is a build up to when Perry and Baby Girl will meet Jamey, their internet friend.

I’m the first of my friends to have read listened to this, so I’m not really sure how others will like it. I will reiterate that it is U.G.L.Y. If you are thinking there’s some sort of redemption arc for these children, you need to think again ‘cause it’s just not the case. That worked for me here. Some stories just can’t have a happy ending.

I feel like it may have had a bigger impact if I would have read it too. Not only am I a total noob when it comes to audio books, but I can read a book of these size in a few hours and really get wrapped up in it. Listening to it in 30-minute fits and starts increments probably didn’t do it any favors. As this was only my second audio experience, I obviously can’t compare narrators. That being said, Kathleen Early’s delivery just was a little off for me on this one.


My second audio book!!!!


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