Friday, October 13, 2017

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy

2 Stars

I generally don’t read any of my friends’ reviews if I’ve already put my name on the wait list/obtained a book, but I made an exception this time around when it became crystal clear this was not going to be my idea of a good time. I pretty much want to copy and paste what Michelle had to say into this space because we are of one mind when it comes to Do Not Be Alarmed.

Damn my old lady brain to hell, because I know this one popped onto my radar because a famous person I follow was reading it, but eff if I can remember which famous person it was. So, there was some random famous person endorsement, coupled with a pretty perfect title and a “ripped from the headlines” type of synopsis where children go missing from a family vacation. I was all in. And then I started reading it and let me tell you never in the history of ever has this gif been more appropriate . . . .

The strangest thing for me was about a hundred pages in I started thinking how this book was reminding me of some other book that I couldn’t put my finger on (so strange for my brain to not assist me in figuring it out, right?). Then it dawned on me – Bel Canto. The stories aren’t alike at all, but they gave me the same feeling of probably needing a good scrubbing in the shower to get the grimy feeling off myself after finishing reading. Imagine my surprise when I went to remove this from my Kindle homepage and noticed the cover blurb was written by none other than Ann Patchett. If you enjoyed Bel Canto there’s a chance you’ll enjoy this one too, I guess. As for me? I need to go take another shower because all of these people were just awful. Every one of them . . . .

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