Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Baller by Vi Keeland

4 Stars

The Baller popped up on my radar screen due to Casey (along with her merry band of perverts) reading a different Vi Keeland book . . . but referencing this one in the review. This just so happened to be the only Keeland story my library had available for request (for shame, porny librarian – you are failing here!). It also had a cover that pert near guar-an-teed an education regarding the ins and outs (hehehehe) of the NFL and since football season is right around the corner, I was ready to make the sacrifice. My reaction upon finishing??????

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Okay, so the story is that Delilah has worked her way up through the network and has a new job as a professional sportscaster. Delilah’s first on-air interview is with star quarterback Brody who definitely leaves a lasting impression . . .

Delilah thinks she’s being hazed for daring to be a woman in a man’s industry, but in reality . . .

“You have a dirty mouth.”

“This dirty mouth wants to do dirty things to you.”

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I mean really, Delilah . . . .

OF COURSE eventually Brody and his filthy mouth wear her down and when he did . . . .

“Available or taken?” His answer had been “neither” during the pre-intereview, which I thought was a pretty interesting and accurate description of his dating life. He wasn’t taken, but he also wasn’t available. Only this time when I asked the question, his response caught me off guard.” Taken.” He could see the confusion on my face, but I quickly jumped back into reporter mode. “Really? Is this new?” “It is.” “How new.” “So new, she doesn’t even know it yet.”

And then . . . .

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Nearly everything worked for me when it came to this book. Even the angsty, tear-us-apart bullshit couldn’t really deter my enjoyment. And Brody????? The perfect leading male for me. Not only was I able to picture a super-hunky former quarterback as the lead . . .

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(Seriously, just STFU if you have any smack to talk on Jesse Palmer. I have zero clue about his quarterbacking ability and I also give zero shits about it. All I know is when I see his face on Good Morning America my lady bits go beep.)

Where was I????? Oh yeah, not only was Brody a super hunk, but he was flippin’ hilarious. I do okay with super alpha alphas when they are in werewolf or biker form, but the true winner of my heart is the cocksure (hehehehehe) dude who delivers the hardy-hars.

Really the only complaint I have is with the Plain White Tees who managed to absolutely RUIN the name Delilah for me. Good Christ if I don’t get their effing song out of my head soon . . . .

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Now . . . .

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(^^^^That’s fat girl talk for doing the dibbity.)

I also need a real big favor. Someone call the porny librarian and demand every other Vi Keeland book get purchased stat. I think I wore out my welcome and other patrons are asking for Pulitzer winners and shit get ordered because they are stupid and haven’t discovered the amazing world of smut.

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