Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

4 Stars

You Will Know Me is the story of this . . . .

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The person on the track???? Fifteen year old Devon . . . .

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The people who are going to get her there?????

And . . . .

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All of the parties have the same end goal – Olympic gold . . . and nothing will stop them.

I’m going to go against the grain just a weeeeeeee bit and only give this 4 Stars. Truthfully if I hadn’t read this during the day followed by watching the U.S. women gymnastic team compete the same night, I might have only given it 3.5. I’m going to blame this on The End of Everything (and now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have been so stingy and doled out a full 5 to that one). However, the timing here was 100% on point so a full 4 it shall receive.

I would have ended up reading You Will Know Me no matter what, because the Abbott Kool-Aid is one of my favorite blends, but Dan gets the official shout-out for getting my rear on both the ARC request list and the library waiting list. Here’s the deal with her books. If you read a lot of mystery/thrillers there’s a good chance you may know where the story is going pretty much immediately - but boy is the getting there fun. No one writes teenagers like she does and few do as well grinding out the lesson time and again that . . . .

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Many thanks to the magical library waiting list that somehow had me go from sixty-something to number two. After seeing who the publisher was on this one at the eleventh hour I was well aware I would be denied the ARC so the timing was spot on.


  1. You got this and read it already?! I only heard about it a day or so ago and there are a million people in line ahead of me. Sigh, I'm always last to the party and the first to leave. :)

  2. I don't know how I got so lucky. I was 60th on the wait list and then somehow got it right after it was released.