Tuesday, July 5, 2016

White Shark by Peter Benchley

4 Stars

“What lives in the ocean and has five claws?”

“Nothing. Nothing that I’ve ever heard of.”

Last year I was extremely underwhelmed by what should have been the best Shark Week selection of them all. Today I’m wondering who hacked my account and changed the rating for that one because there is no chance I gave that turd 2.5 Stars. Maybe I was drunk???? Anywho, Jaws was supposed to deliver all of the nommy deliciousness of the movie, but instead sucked giant monkey balls so I started White Shark expecting the kind of horror a fella like this might deliver . . .

I didn’t bother reading a synopsis because my Goodreads’ friends who had read both Jaws and White Shark swore this would deliver. But you know how some of these book pushers are . . .

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I mean even my closest friends and arch rivals flip the script and fail me errrrrrry now and again. Needless to say, I went in with low expectations. My impression of Mr. Benchley now that I have finished????

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Talk about a redemption arc. While I was expecting a real “sharky” shark book (remember, I didn’t read the synopsis) and this wasn’t exactly it, I was more than pleased with the product that was delivered. This is the type of story that comes to mind when someone tells me about a “horror” story. It wasn’t a psychological thriller, it wasn’t a whodunit, it was straight up creature feature type of horror and I loved it.

Many thanks to my book-swappin’, Howard the Duck lovin’ buddy for sending this my way. You too are a gentleman and a scholar : )

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