Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Moonshot by Alessandra Torre


3.5 Stars

Talk about a story that I totally wasn’t expecting.

As many of you know, I have spent every Saturday and Sunday from back when the temps were still in the 30s alllllllll the way to just this past weekend cheering my kids on to victory (or defeat) at various ballfields. That makes for LOTS of down time and, just like my contributions to Goodreads, I’m always interested in staying on topic. When I saw Ana’s review for Moonshot I was all over getting my hands on a copy. Thanks to the great class action settlement of '16 I even had some free dollars to spend, so if I ended up not enjoying myself it would be no big thang. Really, though, let’s be honest. It would be almost impossible for me to not enjoy a book about a baseball player . . .

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Like Tina Belcher (and thanks to ESPN baseball kind of becoming all Dodgers all the time this season), I have logged thousands of hours on my fantasy relationships with Clayton Kershaw and like the immortal words of Flo Rida state if I took him home it’d be a home run. Then came the release of ESPN’s Body issue . . . .

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Holy smokes . . . .

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I mean, what an example of what a work of art the human body can be! After all . . .

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Anywho, back to the book. I went in to this thinking I’d get horny for a ball player . . . and I did indeed accomplish that task. What I didn’t realize was that Alessandra Torre was the same person who wrote The Girl in 6E. Yes please. (One sidenote to the Porny Librarian if she ever reads this: Why you no have books 1 and 2 in that series, and only book 3???? That makes zero of the sense. I would love to break my own rule and see if I could get Ron 2.0’s head to explode, but you make it impossible.)

Alright, back on track. The basic premise of Moonshot is that 17 year old Ty is the daughter of a closing pitcher for the Yankees and has had a super crush on baseball’s resident bad boy Chase Stern since she first saw him. When Chase gets traded to the Yanks (after getting caught banging a teammate’s wife) the two have an instant connection, but Ty has been given direct orders from her pops to stay away. Chase has been given orders too – mainly in the form of DUH – since he knows better than to mess around with someone underage. But Ty’s birthday is just around the corner.

Of course since this was a YA/Romance, things couldn’t just go according to plan and the fickle hand of fate stepped in to fark everything up and make Chase get traded to the Orioles. I was expecting the per usual dose of angst for the ill-fated lovers, but what I wasn’t expecting was a body count . . . .

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Yep, turns out not only were there going to be complications for Ty and Chase that kept them from making the bangbang, but the thing that might bring them back together was a body count. Mitchell was so pleased!

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to mix a little suspense in to their dirty book reading.

At this point I’m calling myself an official Torre fangirl and will definitely be picking up more of her stuff in the future (HEAR THAT PORNY LIBRARIAN?!?!?!?!?!).  So why not 4 Stars, right????  Bottom line is this was good and only psychos like Mitchell and myself (and like a dozen or so of you freaks who I talk to regularly) would be okay with this story going the way I was hoping it would.

Okay, here’s where I get seriously spoilery (like 100% hand to Tom Cruise spoilery), so considered yourself warned and don’t be all . . .

After reading The Girl in 6E I know what Torre is capable of delivering. I realize that this wasn’t my book and in no way, shape, or form do I think I could write better than this author. That being said, I was hoping the bad guy would be Chase. I mean seriously, what a better mindf*^% than to have the dude go out and murder women in order to guaranty he get traded back into Ty’s life????? Y’all would have been picking my brains up off the floor for eternity!

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