Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

2 Stars

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Pour me a double, barkeep.

Let me begin by apologizing to Jilly for failing her. I also feel I should address all of the Nalini Singh fangirls waiting to pounce. Please note I’ve never read this author before so I have nothing to compare this book to and feel zero responsibility of sugarcoating anything about my reaction to this story.

So let’s talk about said story. Molly is a librarian who wants to run her freak flag up rock star Fox’s pole one time in order to lose her V-card. Of course since this was a New Adult type of story, Fox had other plans . . . mainly those of the “making her mine” (barf) variety. Fox makes Molly an offer she finds hard to refuse – a one month stand rather than just one night – and then feelings and luuuuurrrrv and all the daddy issues and other bullcrap these stories always have come out before the big HEA ending.

I know Ms. Singh has quite the fanbase, but after reading this I’m more than a little terrified to read anything else by her. The writing was just not good at all and there were soooooo many pages. Half of this sucker should have been left on the editing room floor. Seriously, just wrap it up already . . .

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And the drama? INCESSENT! The worst part, though, was each moment of misunderstanding or superbadawful got wrapped up in a page or two . . . only to begin anew. Good golly, Miss Molly!!!!!

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(Sidenote: When you search for Little Richard gifs, this pops up. Way to be racist Google.)

Which leads us to the good part of the story. Magic penis!!!!!

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This one was a real Hairy Pooter and the Sorcerer’s Bone, if you know what I’m saying. While I was unable to comprehend how in the hell these two ever thought their relationship was developing past the physical since the solution to all of their problems seemed to be in the form of a game of hide the salami, I must admit the salami hiding was Grade A quality . . .

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If you want a book with a . . . . what is that thing called again????? Oh yeah, a plot. This might be one to skip. But if you want full on sexymakings in bathtubs or on the hood of cars or in elevators or against walls, this is a winner!

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