Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Everlost by Neal Shusterman

3 Stars

Let me begin by saying that . . . .

Nope. When I saw Will’s review and that Everlost was written by Shusterman I was all in. Unfortunately I was still floating on an Unwind high and failed to pay attention to the fact that this wasn’t quite going to push the envelope like that one did.

What we have here is an unfortunate meet and greet between Nick and Allie . . .

When they “wake up” they discover something new about themselves . . .

They’re also left with the question of whether or not they made it to heaven . . .

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Okay, not really, but it is a state of limbo. The remainder of the story is a quest to find others like themselves and a way to possibly make it back home.

As I said before, Everlost was extremely tame compared to my previous Shusterman experience. However, it was still a pretty decent read. If you or your children enjoyed the Miss Peregrine experience, this might be a selection for you.

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