Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

3 Stars
It’s the next Gone Girl!!!!

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Trust me Amy, we ALL want to punch you two in the face at this point.

Okay, so like errrrrrry other book that claimed it was going to be the “next Gone Girl” – this one wasn’t. However, momma likey the new Harlequin dark and seedy romance genre : )

Since this was a mystery/thriller I won’t say much for fear that I’ll give too much away. The basic premise has been done a time or two before:

Colin Thatcher is a gun-for-hire type of criminal (with a heart of gold - because OF COURSE, right?) who has been assigned the task of . . .

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kidnapping Mia Dennett, but when a case of guilty conscience gets to Colin before he can turn Mia over to the real bad guy he hightails it to a cabin in the woods, with Mia in tow. It’s there that we follow the wibbly wobbly timeline in order to piece the whole story together. It’s also there that Mia gets a case of Stockholm Syndrome resulting in . . .

“The last time I pushed her away, but the last time was different. She was a different woman. I was a different man.”

and then some . . .

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Obviously if that’s not your idea of a good time, you should go ahead and skip this one. I’m giving it 3 Stars because I think it was a right place/right time read for me. It was a real slow roller with just enough ewwww factor to get me back in Mitchell’s good graces after a porntastic couple of weeks. And also for that ending . . .

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