Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

4 Stars
“Love, for those lucky enough to experience it, is extraordinary.”

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I’m pretty sure I have a cavity from all of the sweetness that was contained within the pages of Puddle Jumping. This is the story of Lilly and Colton who met when their mothers arranged a playdate where Lilly proceeded to tell Colton he should color in the lines . . . and then encouraged him to go outside to play in a thunderstorm where she was promptly struck by lightning. After a series of near-death experiences, Colton’s mother decided maybe it would be for the best if the two didn’t play together any more. Fast forward to Senior year where Colton and Lilly cross paths once again and Lilly learns that, although she was a danger to herself and everyone around her, Colton has been missing from her life because he was homeschooled because it was easier for him to not be surrounded by all of the stimuli that comes with a school setting due to his Asperger’s syndrome. But Lilly doesn’t see a diagnosis when she looks at Colton. She just sees the friend she has been missing for ages has returned to her life and he’s the same awkward, charming boy she liked spending time with as a kid . . .

“It felt like the beginning of something incredible.”

This is Lilly and Colton’s love story and how sometimes it’s necessary to color outside of the lines . . .

“When you love someone, their differences fall away.”

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Puddle Jumping gets 4 Stars for being such an adorable yet important love story (and also for that cover - boy oh boy is that a pretty cover). My only real complaint was that it read very young to me (Lilly’s 9 year old voice and Lilly’s 17 year old voice were exactly the same) so I was a little uncomfortable with the two “hitting a home run” if you know what I mean. However, since I’m not the target demographic for this book I’m overlooking that personal little peeve and simply appreciating this book for what it was . . . .

“I don’t believe there’s such a thing as conventional love. Love is bending. Love is breaking. Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect, but there’s no fault in trying.”

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