Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi

1 Star
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I read this one over a month ago, but it’s taken that long to remove my eyeballs from where they rolled in the back of my head so I’m just now getting around to a review.


Okay, so here’s me during my lunch hour whilst reading What You Left Behind . . .

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Good sammich, turrrrrrrrrible book.

This is the story of Ryden, a senior in high school who is left to raise his newborn son after his girlfriend died from cancer . . . .

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Yeah, seriously. I am NOT a “DNFer” so I read this entire thing, but it lost me pretty much straight from the jump with that premise. I can do young love and high school sweethearts who know they’ll end up together forever (heck, I was a child bride myself), but when the storyline is a teenaged girl who has both a whoopsie pregnancy and cancer that WILL. STRAIGHT. UP. KILL. HER. if she doesn’t get it treated and opts to have the baby THAT HER BOYFRIEND WILL THEN BE FORCED TO RAISE EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN’T WANT IT?!?!?!? Ugh, all I can say to that selfish b*&^% is . . .

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Now some might say an accidental pregnancy is as much the dude’s fault as the dead girl’s – and I would normally agree with you, except it turns out our dearly departed Meg was full aware of the fact that her birth control would fail due to the chemo drugs, but didn’t bother telling Ryden and got pregnant ON PURPOSE basically to leave a part of herself behind . . . .

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After she died her parents didn’t want anything to do with the poor little baby who never asked to be brought into the world by these two dipshits anyway which left it all up to daddy Ryden to “do the right thing.” Nope. The right thing would have been to give that baby up for adoption. Ryden was a typical teenaged boy. He was worried about how to get into college, and playing soccer, and banging Joni – the new chick he meets at his part-time job. But really? You have a BABY now young man – a baby you spend almost ZERO time with so your banging days are over . . .

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I can tell you, it’s NOT this. Next!

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