Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Scam by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

3 Stars
Reading Janet E. books has become the literary version of partaking in some delicious cake for me – I realize it’s nothing but empty calories but I don’t feel bad about eating the whole thing until some buzzkill comes and pees on my parade . . .

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I’ve read nearly everything Evanovich has written - alllllll the Plums, the Alex Barnaby books, the Lizzy & Deisels, even some of her fluffy romances. That being said, 3 Stars is about as good as it gets from me. Let’s face it, these books aren’t real high up there on the smarty-farty scale, but I still love them.

The Scam is #4 in the Fox & O’Hare series. Per usual, we’re following the traditional format for these good cop/bad cop stories. Kate is the good guy gal – an FBI agent who always gets her man. Nick is . . . well, her man. He spent much of his adult life on the 10 Most Wanted list, but once he was finally captured by Kate the Feds decided to use him for good instead of evil. Now Kate and Nick work as an unlikely duo taking down some of the biggest criminals in the world. The only thing that really changes is the bad guy, the location, and which of Kate’s father’s buddies will be recruited as a faithful sidekick.

This go ‘round their mission is to stop a money laundering operation that cleans up the dirty cash of some serious high rollers . . .

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It’s up to Kate and Nick to “swindle the swindlers” . . .

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(Sidenote: That line is followed up by Brad Pitt saying “only in the morning.” One of the best quotes EVER!)

Where was I????? Oh yeah, Kate and Nick have to infiltrate this casino and take down the bad guy. This time they’ll enlist the help of the regulars – Kate’s father Jake, Boyd the actor, and Chet the special effects guru, and they’ll also add Jake’s old buddy, the former Somali pirate Billy Dee . . .

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Like I said, these books don’t take a whole lot of brain cells to get through, but they are total fun and as long as Evanovich and Goldberg keep cranking them out, I’ll keep reading them. Some extra fun this time was the relationship FINALLY went to the next level . . .

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and an ending that makes me just have to read #5 . . .

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(Extra Damon and Reynolds gifs added for Anne because she has TERRIBLE taste in men)

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review (but I still buy my own copy of these once they are released because I’m a disgusting book hoarder). Thank you, NetGalley!

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