Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennins

1 Star
Did I really just give a children's book a 1 Star rating. Yep. Am I sorry?

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The blurb told me Hissy Fitz would be a "humorous tale about a cat that makes Grumpy Cat seem cheerful." It was not. I decided to pick up some ARCs of children's books because I'm always on the hunt for stories that I can recommend/purchase for friends or ones that my youngest child might enjoy. Sadly, I found the tale of one day of Hissy Fitz's life to be dull and I have a hard time imagining what kind of magical child would be able to finish this book without complaints of boredom.

Hissy Fitz just wants to get some sleep, but instead he spends his day avoiding the excessive snuggling of his young female owner and being tormented by her younger brother. Not only do these humans not know when to leave a guy alone, but they aren't aware of the rules when it comes to petting, food and water distribution and appropriate noise levels either. Based on the synopsis, I had my hopes set on something much more similar to the hilarious Sad Cat Diaries and this story just didn't deliver.

I also had a bit of a problem with the 100% undisciplined hellion brother ("time outs aren't allowed" - seriously parents? and you wonder why your kid is a butthole!) and the fact that Hissy Fitz was an indoor/outdoor cat who lived in a city with acknowledged dangers such as busy streets, traffic and enemies such as the evil raccoon. I'll refrain from getting on a soapbox regarding the whole indoor/outdoor cat debate further. There could have been a small chance for redemption if the artwork would have been good, but sadly the artwork was not provided. Note to authors/publishers: It's hard to review an ARC that isn't complete.

I'm bummed that this one didn't miss the mark, 'cause I luuuuurv me some kittehs. Here are some pictures of how my cats spend their day to prove it:

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Breakfast Buffet

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The first rule about fight club is we don't talk about fight club

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Therapy session with his "deerest" friend

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Don't ask/don't tell

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This book is soooooo boring

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Aahhhhh, finally get some sleep on the best "seat" in the house

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!

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