Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas

4.25 Stars. 

Whether you're an old hag like me who grew up watching 90210 or you're a young'in "liking" anything to do with TFiOS, this is one to add to your "to read" list.  Steve is a pot-head who is about to fail his senior year.  If he can complete a supplemental writing assignment for English, he'll pass.  The only limitation to the assignment - write about something he knows.  After a severe case of writer's block, Steve chooses to write the history of his high school years.  He tells how he has survived his parents' divorce, experienced first love and first loss and went from an honor student to a burnout. 

This was recommended to me by the library and made pretty clear I should love it because of my age/reading preferences/the 90210 connection, but this was so much deeper/just flat out BETTER than shows like that.  It was a superfast read and proved (yet again) that I would choose a PG-13 love story over "Grey" any day of the week.

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