Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

5 Stars - Read May 11, 2013

Ed Kennedy is wasting his life (according to his mother) by working as an underage cabbie and spending his free time playing cards (and pining for Audrey - the girl of his dreams) until instinct kicks in and he stops a bank robbery in progress.  Then the Aces begin to arrive.  Each Ace will contain names of people who need some sort of intervention.  Ed has been chosen to be "the messenger".  Can Ed complete the tasks?  How will he even know what each person needs?  And most importantly, who is sending Ed these mysterious cards?

I held off on reading this one because I loved The Book Thief so much and I was terrified this one would be a huge stinker in comparison.  How surprised was I when I thought this one was event better.  I've decided I'm totally into the Aussie YA authors.

Ed was such a great character (along with everyone else whose names appear on the cards).  I literally did not put this one down until I finished.  Luckily it was such a quick read that it only took a couple of hours. 

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