Friday, May 3, 2013

Intro to Creative Writing . . .

Okay, not so much - but I gotta start somewhere, right???

Lame but true - books are my passion.  I work in boringville for a group of people of questionable intelligence (my boss is currently - no lie - watching something to do with Scooby Doo on You Tube).  Books give me an escape.  This blog is to keep track of exactly what I read, when I read it and if I would recommend it to someone else. 

A little about me:  I read like a schizophrenic and am probably on an FBI watch list somewhere for my sometimes bizarro choices in material.  I'm too old to be completely enamored with John Green and "liking" things to do with TFiOS on Facebook, but since I have no shame it doesn't stop me.  After 11 years I finally turned a room in my house that was used for NOTHING into a reading room.  Unfortunately I didn't install an electric fence, so I'm constantly interrupted by the small people who live with me whenever I attempt 15 minutes of alone time.  Said room is also the bathroom of choice for the geriatric mutt who lives with me.  Good times.  Also, I suck at blogging.  I will post frantically and then seem to completely fall off the planet for days/weeks on end.  Since I surpassed the goal of 52, I've decided to review whatever tickles my fancy instead of going chronologically.  Maybe that will help hide my adult onset ADD a titch.

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