Thursday, May 23, 2013

3.25 Stars

Denver, born and raised a sharecropper in backwoods Louisiana and Ron, a millionaire art dealer, give simultaneous autobiographies and the story of how two people from such completely different worlds could become friends. 

If you're a lover of spiritual books, this one will probably be a 5 on your list.  In comparison to The Shack and Heaven is for Real, at least I can say I was able to finish this one without wanting to stab myself in the face.  The writing of those other two was just horribly painful. 

The first half of the book was pretty good.  Ron and Denver's personal histories really kept my attention and I enjoyed hearing their individual voices narrate each chapter.  Unfortunately, it felt like a real bait and switch once we got to Deborah's sickness.  To me, too much time was spent focusing on the illness rather than truly writing a tribute for her that contained more details of her work at the mission.  It wrapped back up toward the end - just in time since it almost lost me.

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