Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 On Goodreads a/k/a Year In Review


I just checked my stats and discovered that I only gave twelve books 1 Star ratings in 2017. Most of you are probably asking . . . . 

To which I respond, it’s spelled K-E-L-L-Y. 

An even scarier figure is the EIGHTY 4 Star ratings. Either I’m actually starting to read things right or I’m sweeter than I used to be. Whatever the case, 2017 was obviously a banner year for me when it came to enjoying my selections and that’s a good thing since I still have yet to tap into my ability to DNF. 

My GR experience was much improved in 2017 as well. By maintaining a low number of friends I truly discovered how much QUALITY there is here if you aren’t so worried about QUANTITY. I was also quicker to pull the trigger when it came to the ban-hammer so BBAs and other riff-raff were quickly and quietly removed from my feed. I even stopped getting trolled as much about Elizabeth Is Missing and Veronica Roth’s beaten dead horse which is the Divergentnovellas so yay me! 

So what did I learn this year? Well, I learned that I most definitely like my fiction a little bit chickenfried and the grittier the better. My best read of 2017? Hands down . . . . 

She Rides Shotgun

I also confirmed that I like my families on the dysfunctional side . . . . 

Rabbit Cake

And maybe I wasn’t completely burned out on young adult stories about mental illness and first love . . . . 

Words On Bathroom Walls

As far as adult romances? Turns out this vanilla cone enjoys love triangles . . . . 

Sex Love Repeat

*blushes* Who’da thunk it?!?!?!?

I amazed myself when I discovered I don’t hate all children . . . well, at least not the fictional variety . . . and found myself completely smitten with both young Frank and Poppy . . . . 

Be Frank With Me

This Is How It Always Is

I became fully aware that I drink both the Daryl Gregory and Christina Henry Kool-Aids by the gallon when they made everything old new again – Gregory with zombies and Henry with Peter Pan . . . . 

Raising Stony Mayhill

Lost Boy

I realized that maybe I shouldn’t be so afraid of new things when I decided to try audiobooks for the first time. I had no idea what I was missing by NOT listening to David Sedaris perform his own stuff. And speaking of Sedaris – he was also a star in what was a huge ensemble cast and quite possibly the best audiobook experience ever recorded . . . . 

Lincoln In The Bardo

I put on my big girl panties, listened to my friends more and stopped shying away from stories I was terrified I would “read wrong” – thereby disappointing them. Once again, by maintaining a quality selection when it comes to friendships on Goodreads I got to experience magic . . . . 

Boy’s Life

Let’s see what 2018 brings. Maybe I suffered a head injury that I don’t remember and I’ll get back to my hating everything ways once I fully recover : )


  1. Boy's Life was amazing. Have you read "Swan Song"?
    And because of your review Rabbit Cake is on my TBR list this year.

    1. I have not yet read Swan Song, but I've heard it's a must read from TONS of people. It's on my TBR : )

  2. Saving this so I know what to read next!!