Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sway by Kat Spears

5 Stars

“Sway isn’t something you can define. A dude who’s got sway is the man—doesn’t have to try to be cool, just … is. Jesse’s as cool as the underside of my pillow. He’s so slick, he could convince you that I’m white, have you believing it like it’s gospel.”
I read this a month ago and never wrote a review. Now I’m terrified I’m becoming Ron 2.0 *shudder*. Right about a month ago I also wrote a review where I said I love it when I’m the first person to read something. The only thing I love more is when I can remember whose review made me request something I’d never probably had heard of it hadn’t popped up on my feed. All the credit for Sway goes to AJ who I have followed forever. I’m not going to waste much time here because her review says everything you need to know much better than I ever could.

Meet Sway. He’s the guy who can get whatever you need . . . .

“Commodities pass through my hands like water—term papers, drugs, fake IDs—but they don’t hold value the way information does. Real wealth is measured in secrets, the secrets of other people, and my own. Secrets are power. Every time someone paid me cash for something, they also unwittingly paid me with their secret. I owned them.”

His latest request is to be the guy who gets the girl for another guy. All he needs is two weeks. Little does he know after those two weeks are over he’ll have started developing “friendships” (Sway isn’t so great when it comes to the friend department) with not only Bridget (the girl), but also her brother Pete and Mr. Dunkleman – a geezer who resides in “Hell’s Waiting Room” (a/k/a the local old folks home). By the time the story ends he’ll realize . . . .

“The only two things in this world that really matter are the people who love you—and I don’t mean your family. Sometimes the people who love you best have no blood relation to you. But in the end, all that will matter to you are the people who really love you…,” he said . . . “The people who love you, and how often you shit. That’s all there is.”

Please note that Sway is not for everyone. He’s offensive and definitely not politically correct. He’s emotionally detached (because of reasons) and is “like an android or something - no emotional programming.” He uses words that will send snowflakes into a tailspin and offers zero apology for doing so. Because of all of that, he seemed very genuine. I’m raising teenage boys – trust me when I say they aren’t all cut from the John Green cloth. I adored this young man and am so glad I got a chance to know him. Even if it made me get all feely . . . .

All the Stars.

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