Wednesday, November 8, 2017

After You by JoJo Moyes

1 Star

So let’s talk a second about my newfound dabbling in the world of audiobooks. I have long-since learned the words to every single song in the history of the world and wanted something different for my morning commute instead of this . . . .

(That is 100% the look my husband gives me when I insist on singing too!)

Anywho, please note said commute is still not very long so, at best, I get through one “part” of an audiobook each weekday. Despite having both an e-version as well as a paper version of an advanced reader copy of After You for over two years (Dear Publishers, never give me anything because I truly am the worst), I couldn't bring myself to read it. I knew I had to be far enough removed from Will's death in order to give this a chance. When a combination of me finding out a third book in this series was soon to be released as well as the audio popping up as both available and recommended to me on the library website I figured what the hell - it was probably time to bite the bullet.

I had every intention of giving After You 2 Stars because Jo Jo Moyes obviously has a ginormo set of cajones to even attempt to follow up the perfection of Me Before You. But then ELEVEN FARKING DAYS of listening went by (I know my reading log doesn’t reflect that, but it’s because I’m stupid and forgot to add it) and everything that was magic about the first book was tainted and cheapened and Louisa wasn’t adorable and quirky, but instead insufferable and pretty much a failure at being a grown-up and then Lily (FUCKING LILY!) showed up and I have never wanted to smack the crap out of a child as much as I did her little entitled ass and all of the men were vile and WTF happened Jo Jo – your husband cheat on you or something?!?!?!?! Not all men are awful FFS! Anyway, this was just gross. I am crossing my fingers that this was the “filler” book (although 100,000,000% unnecessary) in Lou’s story so she can get here happily ever after in #3. This one, though????

On a positive note, the narrator (Anna Acton) had the most pleasant voice and I would love to listen to her read again. Just not a big stinking pile of turd like this one.

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