Monday, November 27, 2017

Friends & Other Liars by Kaela Coble

4 Stars

“All things done in the dark have a way of coming to light.”
I hoarded a chunk of vacation time all year in order to take last week off, and then pretty much proceeded to unplug from the evils of the interwebs as well after . . . .

Just kidding. More like I changed from “sleeping pajamas” into “going to Wal-Mart pajamas” and plopped my fat ass on the reading chair all day. Well, that is after I made Christmas barf all over my house so this guy can spend the next month undecorating it for me . . . .

(Yes, he is absolutely sticking his tiny pink tongue out at me here.)

Anywho(ville), vacay amounted to me cooking some decent food for my humans in order to justify all of my not going anywhere and reading a crapton of books while not reviewing any of them. (Advance apologies for the inundation you are about to receive this week.) I started my reading quest with Mt. Advanced Reader Pile in hopes of persuading publishers to not put me on the naughty list and to continue to give me stuff that I will procrastinate reading : )

Friends and Other Liars was nearly an instant request simply from the title, but then I took a gander of the synopsis and I immediately got a little blast from the past in the form of . . . .

And not for the reason most of you would think . . . .

While The Big Chill wasn’t quite so in-yo-face about secrets of the past that letters were handed out by dearly deceased Kevin Costner (there’s a bit of worthless trivia everyone should know), Friends and Other Liars is similar in that the former members of “The Crew” have all been reunited for one member’s untimely death and the story proceeds to be very much . . . .

This may not work for everyone as the secrets are pretty easy to figure out and it’s more than a bit “chick litty,” but it was exactly what I had my heart set on so it worked out great for me.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Thanks, NetGalley!

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