Friday, May 27, 2016

Ranchero by Rick Gavin

3.5 Stars
“The nexus between Aw-fuck-it and I-don’t-give-a-shit is a beautiful place to be.”

When Nick Reid shows up to repossess a rental television, the last thing he expects is to get cold-cocked with a fireplace shovel. Actually, Nick probably would expect something like that. The thing that’s really unexpected is for the non-payment making resident to take off in the vintage Calypso Coral Ranchero Nick’s landlady let him take for a spin. This is the story of attempting to track down and steal back that cherry ride . . .

“A Ranchero is essentially a glorified Fairlane, which never rated glorification. It’s sort of a low-slung, boxy coupe in the front and a shall truck in the back, not fit on the one end for a proper family or on the other for legitimate cargo.”

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I wanted to give this 1 Star out of spite because Shelby dared to not enjoy my special James Renner Kool-Aid mix, but I just can’t . . .

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Ranchero was what would happen if Hap and Leonard and Stephanie Plum had a baby. It featured an amazing road trip through the Delta and one of my most favorite new subjects . . .

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Put some meth in a storyline and you really have to poop the bed in order for me to hate it. It also featured two unforgettable main characters who, despite being complete opposites in appearance, went together just like peas and carrots . . .

If you’re looking for pure fun and a compact size, Ranchero might be just the story for you . . .

“So you’re hauling around what? Ephedrine and ether? On a stole tag? Ever hear about those killers who get caught from parking tickets?

“That’d be some shit, wouldn’t it? Eugene said, and then added, “I’m careful where I park.”

Just make sure you stop by the local Sonic and stock up on coney dogs before reading . . .

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