Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adulthood is a Myth: A "Sarah's Scribbes" Collection by Sarah Andersen

4 Stars
Does the following image remind you of yourself????

If so, this is probably a book for you. While I’m 1,000 maybe not exactly the target demographic for the Sarah’s Scribbles collection, I still found Adulthood is a Myth to be nearly completely relatable and maybe that I should get a restraining order against the author because it seems like she might be stalking me.

I mean, this little diddy covered everything from my laundry habits . . .

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To my daily experiences on Goodreads . . .

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To what a telephone conversation between Shelby and myself sounds like . . .

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It even covered my fear of what will happen if I discover there really is a heaven . . .

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Carol was the Goodreads’ friend who got me to request this one from the library after she said it was for fans of Allie Brosch. Pretty much introverts the world over who hate all other humans should enjoy this one just a little. Added bonus for all the ladies in the house who experience the joy of Aunt Flo’s visit every month . . . .

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(She also has a hilarious one about reaching in your purse when someone asks if you have [insert whatever random item] and 582 tampons come flying out.)

If you’re a dude, you may not be able to fully relate, but it’ll shine some light on why your wife hates you more than usual a couple days a month.

While this little book was by no stretch of the imagination a huge life changer, it was certainly amusing and I would definitely recommend it.

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