Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Crank (Crank, #1)
1 Star
This is the story of Kristina and the downward spiral her life takes once she decides to dance with “the monster.”

First things first . . . Apparently I missed the memo that said everything “disturbing” should be written in free verse form. Note to writers: Using this method does not make your work “poetic” or “better,” so stop doing it if you’re not good at it.

On to the actual story . . . I know Crank was supposed to bring to light all the dangers of drugs and how using will destroy your life and blah blah blah. Unfortunately (to me at least) it read like an old “scared straight” type of story (kind of like a Reefer Madness, if you will) . . .

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I realize I’m an old adult and this book is geared for young adults, so this problem could easily be mine alone, but I just couldn’t ever get on board with feeling any kind of sympathy for Kristina or her family. I know Crank is supposedly based on actual events, but it didn’t read true to me at all. The lack of caring, concern or any type of involvement with Kristina at all by the mother was extremely disturbing to me as a parent. We’re talking about a child – not some 30-something year old burnout here. Seriously, if your teenager is an average P.I.T.A. hormonal drama mama, but otherwise picture perfect kid who then does a complete 180 and morphs into someone you suspect is on drugs it is YOUR JOB as the parent to try and solve the problem using any means necessary. Hell, it’s your job to stop it before it even starts. If you think you are sending your child to an ex with a major habit, you DON’T SEND YOUR CHILD THERE. Violate your custody agreement, call Family Services and have his dumb ass investigated, do anything it takes to keep your kid away from that person. Writing a book about what happened and cashing in upteen years after the fact is the most “disturbing” thing about this whole novel. Everything else just made me feel like this . . .

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  1. Hahahahaah I'll just go ahead and tell you, ALL her books are like that. I've read most of them and they always drive me insane with the craziness that happens. I guess it's good when a book ignites so much passion from the readers.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I think I'll go ahead and skip her other stuff so my head doesn't explode ; )