Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

 Bird Box

3.5 Stars

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I hope not, ‘cause that’s how you’re going to be living out the rest of your days. The world as we knew it no longer exists. First, the people started dying – then the internet, phones, power, and water systems all went down. Then we all learned to barricade our doors, cover our windows, and stop going outside except when absolutely necessary. Of course, when obtaining water means venturing down to the creek behind your house – you find yourself outside A LOT. No matter what you do, you must wear your blindfold and never look at what is waiting outside your doors . . .

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Malorie has lived this lifestyle for years and has raised her children the same way. Always blindfolded, always terrified, always knowing there is something waiting outside. Until one day, it was no longer outside . . .

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Now Malorie and the children must risk everything in order to make it to a potential safe haven that may or may not exist.

Bird Box is the embodiment of a psychological horror – because all the horror you experience is going to be created in your own head. You will (literally) never be able to see the bad guy coming, because the character remain blindfolded the entire book. Any time you find yourself losing your cool, it will be because your brain thinks is hilarious to f*&^ around with you.

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Per usual, the only thing I knew about this book before starting was that a lot of people were reading it all of a sudden. What do I think now that I’m finished??? What a debut! So many times I find the “super bad awful” in horror novels to be extremely lackluster – never knowing who (or what) the transgressor might be was a very effective approach. My brain kept telling me that EVERYONE was the bad guy and I found myself on the edge of my seat during several pivotal scenes. I look forward to reading more by Josh Malerman.  

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