Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks and Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy by Adam Carolla

3 Stars
Adam Carolla’s most epic rant about the pussification of America. 
First things first – Carolla is an equal opportunity offender.  That being said, if you didn’t like him on morning or late night radio or cable television or don’t like his current podcast, you aren’t going to like this book.  There’s plenty of other fish in the sea books on the shelf, so spare yourself the eye twitching fit of rage Carolla’s views could possibly induce.
I happen to kind of love Ace (I assume if we ever met we’d be super tight and he’d want me to call him by his nickname).  Even though I am equipped with an innie rather than an outie in the plumbing department, I was a faithful viewer of “The Man Show” (I probably ate my male twin in the womb or something and still have his testosterone cycling through my body) and always thought Ace was the talent.  Wait, would that make Kimmel the pretty face?  I might need to rethink that . . .
Although a couple of his submissions are already a little outdated and I definitely didn’t agree with all of his viewpoints, the majority of the book was entertaining and I even had some true LOLz.  Added bonus:  If you find yourself to be having a bit of a “oh my good God why don’t my pants fit anymore????” moment and want something to take your mind off of how much you HATE exercising, this might be a good choice.  You might even find that you are able to take your pitiful 3.3 mph treadmill speed to a dead sprint when Carolla’s opinions piss you off ; )

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