Monday, January 13, 2014

Happiness, Thy Name is Mitchell . . .

I love reading books, but never read blogs.  Except for Jenny Lawson's (  Jenny started making me laugh with a "Mommy Blog" she wrote for the Houston Chronicle about a billion years ago.  The Bloggess continues to make me laugh - as did her book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened". 
Jenny's obsession with grotesque taxidermy and her posts regarding the same are a surefire way to get some serious giggles from me.  I've joked for the past couple of years that if I ever found a rotted boar head it would HAVE to become mine and hang in my reading room.  My husband laughed along with the "joke".  And then we went to a local consignment shop a few months ago where we met Mitchell:
It was love at first sight.  I couldn't wait to get him home.  The only thing holding me back?  His hefty price tag would mean no food for my children for awhile.  After thinking it over, I decided not to adopt my handsome new friend.  Come the new year and the store advertised a sale on Facebook.  I just had to go and see if he was still there.
But not for long.  With the realization that I am probably the only person in a 1,000 mile radius who actually sees the beauty in this beast, the shopkeeper dropped by price to 1/3 of what was on the tag.
Mitchell is now home - hanging on the wall where he belongs.
He's so happy.  Just look at that smile : )

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