Monday, August 28, 2017

Shark Island by Chris Jameson

3.5 Stars

Good lort am I far behind on reviews. I read this one way back during the most magical week of the entire year . . . .

No one is more familiar with how sharks behave around a group of seals than Naomi Cardiff. You see, awhile back Ms. Naomi thought it would be a great idea to jump into an ocean full of seals in order to get some one-of-a-kind nature photographs. What she ended up with instead????

Fastforward to the present and a new feeding frenzy in the waters of Cape Cod. This time Naomi has been hired to report on a team of scientists who have developed a signal which will lead the seals – quickly followed by the sharks, natch – away from the touristy areas and over to a remote island instead. The only problems? They will have to play beat the clock with a Nor Easter and something wonky is going on with the sharks’ behavior ever since they started sending out the signal . . . . . .

It doesn’t take long to realize . . . . .

And even less before . . . . .

I try to pick up a sharky book annually in order to keep with the theme. Imagine my delight when an advanced copy of this one was available at just the right time! I try and keep my expectations low and only hope for a teensie bit of plot along with lots of nomming by the sharks on these selections and this one delivered in spades. I was surprised by how much story this included and that we actually got to know the characters before they became shark bait. In fact, the only complaint I have is that there were too many characters. More and more people kept getting added to the mix which was obviously done in order to make a bigger body count. Really, though? I don’t care if 5 people or 25 people get killed as long as it’s good and bloody : )

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It's here it's here it's finally here. The best week of the entire year!!!!!

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