Friday, August 18, 2017

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

4 Stars

“Today I found something beautiful and decided to break it. I wanted to see it shatter in my hand and crumble at my feet.”
I have owned this book for nearly five years and have only considered reading it twice. I picked it up when my friend Sammy pointed out it was free one day without bothering to read the synopsis. Once I did I put it on the backburner knowing it would have to be a “right place/right time” type of read for me. The right place/right time ended up being right after a book was banned from Amazon for being soooooo offensive – when in reality it was more eye-rolly (new word) than anything else. (And for those in the cheap seats, NEITHER of those offenses should result in book banning.) I decided to finally give Comfort Food a shot now due to it being another selection about “offensive” subject matter – but somehow that subject matter has become one of the greatest love stories of all time to humans around the globe . . . .

The story here is about Emily, a self-help guru who knows that you should never leave your drink unattended at a bar – but never thought something nefarious would happen to her at a mixer after her own speaking engagement . . . .

Emily wakes up locked in a basement - held by a man who never speaks to her, but only brings her . . . .

The rules are simple: Comply with his wishes and be fed. Don’t??????

(^^^^Changing your perspective about your fave Disney romance yet, kids?)

The more she’s willing to tolerate, the better her treatment will be. The menu will improve as well – from chicken noodle soup to actual fried chicken, taters, biscuits and all the other trimmings . . . . .

She just has to do whatever he wants.

Okay, so here’s the deal. This is shelved by most Goodreads users as erotica and per the disclaimer at the end of the blurb apparently it was marketed as erotica as well. I’m telling you right now that I don’t get it. I don’t see many readers picking this up because they’ll get off on it. It is, however, a pretty dang good rendering of Stockholm Syndrome. 4 Stars because there were things that didn’t jive for me that I think were included in an attempt to morph it into some twist on BDSM when really it should have just been left as fucked up dark fiction.

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