Thursday, August 10, 2017

His Alone by Alexa Riley

2 Stars

Goodnight am I behind on posting reviews. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Dear Alexa Riley:

Yeah, I think it’s probably time we break up. Since you have eleventy trillion superfans I’m sure you won’t even notice. The problem here is 100% mine. I mean, I KNOW AR is the go-to-gal for OTT, instalovin’, “breeding” (*shudder*) good times. Why in Jeebus’ name did I think this would have a plot????? But that’s exactly what I thought after meeting Ryan and Paige in Everything for Her. This had soooooo much potential.

1. They both kick ass (literally) for a living.
2. They hate each other.
3. Paige and her bestie have nicknamed Ryan “Captain” because he looks like Captain America and he’s the good guy.
4. She wants to make with the stabby on behalf of her boss (because reasons that make sense even, but I don’t want to do spoilsies here).
5. He’s an alpha – both at work and in the bedroom.

Alllllllll of the above should have equated this . . . . .

Assuming it didn’t follow the standard AR formula – which, if you aren’t familiar, goes a lil’ summin’ like . . . .

1. Virgin.
2. Instalove.
3. Bang bang choo choo train light me up I’ll do my thang.
4. Two pages worth of story.
5. HEA (generally with bonus miracle baby).

I don’t know what magic Kool-Aid I drank that had me thinking this would be different, but it wasn’t. Oh well, on to the next. Thanks porny librarian for always having my back and saving me dollahs, yo!

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