Friday, July 28, 2017

The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North

2 Stars

I put this one on hold after seeing my friend Christopher’s very concise review and glancing at the synopsis enough to see that Hope is someone who no one remembers. Literally. That was enough for me. And now?????

It appears that Claire North has quite the cult following so please don’t troll me. Although this was my first experience with Ms. North (or Ms. Webb, depending on the book), I think it’s pretty safe to say her writing style either works for you or it doesn’t. Obviously my rating indicates that it didn’t work for me. At nearly 500 pages, I found this to be waaaaaay to verbose in relation to the amount of story being delivered, the dialogue felt stilted and since Hope was forgotten almost instantaneously once out of someone’s sight, most of the scenes were pretty much like . . . . .

With a touch of this thrown in for good measure . . . . .

What the?????

In my defense, while perusing the glowing reviews I found several that talked about how this was a young adult selection and that Hope was in her teens. Uhhhhhh, there is a big ol’ segment regarding “a letter, from myself, to myself, written when I was twenty-four years old.” I will gladly admit I read this wrong, but it seems like some others did too.

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