Monday, December 15, 2014

Zombicorns by John Green

Zombicorns (Zombicorns, #1)
3 Stars
John Green wrote a book about zombie unicorns?!?!?!?!?!

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When this title popped up, things got a bit . . . . uhhhhh, SCREAMY.

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Welp, turns out that Zombicorns isn't about undead one-horned magical beasts, but is actually a story of the zombification of regular ol’ people through the ingestion of corn. An anti-Monsanto statement, maybe???? Nahhhhhhhh. Well, maybe, but not really. It was actually about each individual’s “U.C” . . .

“What is your ultimate concern? What, ultimately, motivates your living? For what would you die? What is your capital-U ultimate capital-C concern?”

and about love . . .

“I came to the conclusion a while ago that there is nothing romantic or supernatural about loving someone: Love is the privilege of being responsible for another”

and about humanity as a whole.

John Green himself admits that he wrote this in a quick hurry and it’s not really all that good. He’s not lying. The story definitely doesn’t have a great flow and the zombie apocalypse is most certainly not Green’s forte. That being said, Zombicorns is still a story that makes you think a bit and even on his worst day Green writes YA better than 99.99999% of everyone else on the planet, so he gets 3 Stars. Bonus that this originally was written in order to raise money for charity. I know a lot of people think Green is overrated and pretentious and too-big-for-his-britches and blahblahblah, but as long as he keeps acting like a human every once in awhile I'll keep reading his stuff.

However, I do feel I was a teensy bit gypped, so I think it’s only fitting I get an actual zombicorn for Christmas . . .

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And if a true zombie apocalypse should ever occur? I know where I’ll be . . .

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Read Zombicorns HERE for free : )

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