Monday, December 22, 2014

The Egg by Andy Weir

The Egg

A review told in giffery . . .

Soooooo everyone else read The Egg and were all like . . .

Commercial Photography

Then I read it and was all like . . .

Commercial Photography

Why is that?

Commercial Photography

What can I say? It’s 4 pages long and didn’t move me like it did everyone else. Shit happens.

For some reason I was thinking it was going to be something a little more like this . . .

Like I said, I'm an asshole.

All I can do is offer my sincerest heartfelt apology . . .

Commercial Photography

And remind all of you that this is only my opinion . . .

Commercial Photography
That's right.  It is.

Oh, and one final thing in my defense. I strong-armed a poopton of people into reading The Martian so F-off if you don’t think it’s okay that I don’t crap my drawers over this one.

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