Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Nate's Greatest Hits by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate's Greatest Hits
4 Stars

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^^^Big Nate Twerk, y’all^^^

After discovering my youngest child was fudging his nightly reading requirement (a cardinal sin in my house, as I’m sure you can imagine) by spending quality time staring at the walls or sitting on the dumper instead, I decided to take extreme measures and requested this ARC that we could read together. Both of my kids are fans of the Big Nate books, so I figured I wouldn’t have too much of a fight on my hands, but I still didn’t trust the little sneak to actually read it if given the chance to skip out and build a Minecraft mansion instead.

Let me start with the kidlet’s notes. He wants to make sure I give him credit for his contributions to this review so he can share in all of the zeros of dollars I make reviewing, so here goes:

1. The Big Nate books are FUNNY. If you have a kid who doesn’t like to read, they’ll probably still like these. Comics are much easier and more fun to read than just word books.

2. Nate is hilarious. He plays all sorts of different sports and thinks he’s really good, but he kinda sucks. He also doesn’t get along with his teacher and isn’t the best student, but when he gets in trouble it cracks me up.

3. I love the parts about Nate’s sister. She’s such a loser! And his dad is so nice, but he’s a dork. Poor Dad : (

4. It is so cool I got to read this book in December and it doesn’t come out until January. I’m telling everyone at school about this for share day!

So, there you have it. You know what I found out after reading Big Nate? I’m raising him. Yep, file this one under “non-fiction/biography” because I’m pretty sure it was about my youngest.

Also? Big Nate can help you you some wicked “Yo Momma” jokes to your repertoire.

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Lord give me strength.

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